Who We Are

West Shore Water Producers Association was formed to provide a meeting ground to discuss ideas and issues associated with the treatment of Lake Michigan Water and that continues to be its purpose today.  The WSWPA focuses specifically on: 

Officers are chosen each year, but regular dues, memberships, or bylaws are not considered necessary.  Salesmen of water works materials and equipment are not excluded, but are considered guests of the group and are not expected to entertain the members or promote sales at the meetings. 

As long as we continue to discuss mutual or common problems or participate in projects designed to solve such problems, we will be following the policy which has kept us together for so many years.  

It is our belief, however, that we should stay out of politics, whether it be local, state, regional, federal, American Water Works Association, or any other group.  We should not sponsor projects which are controversial and on which members of our group may be on opposite sides. We should not act as a group to force the adoption of legislations or throw our weight around on such subjects as lake pollution or diversion.  

We did not organize for this purpose, and if we use the organization for this purpose now, we may split our members into factions with different objectives.