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Attached is an article written by Frank Miller, Superintendent, Cudahy Water Utility; and, Carol Wantuch, Cudahy Health Officer and Emergency Management Coordinator.
The article, "The Patrick Cudahy Fire: How a city and a water utility responded to the largest structural fire in state history", was published in the WIAWWA Fall/Winter Issue 2009.  It gives a fantastic detailed overview of the Fire that occurred in July 2009 at the Patrick Cudahy Plant; and, the City & Water Utility's response to the disaster.
Frank Miller has been a long-time Member of the WSWPA and has served in the positions of Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Chair, Chair, and Chair Ex-Officio.  He is now serving as the WI Education Committee Member for the WSWPA.  Frank is a Trustee for the WIAWWA and also currently serves as the Board Liason on the following WIAWWA Committees: Information Technology & Security, PSC Laison, & Treatment Operations.
The WSWPA would like to thank the WIAWWA and Frank Miller for providing the attached PDF of the article and allowing us to publish it on our site.
Tracy Hall,
Feb 8, 2010, 9:11 AM