Taste Contest Current Year Information - 2019



Re: West Shore Water Producers Water Taste Contest

Dear Illinois Water Producer,

 The West Shore Water Producers Association would like to invite all Illinois Water Producers (sorry Wisconsin and Indiana) to compete in our 23rd Annual WSWPA Water Taste Contest.  The contest will be held at the Spring 2019 meeting of the WSWPA.

To participate in the 23rd Annual WSWPA Water Taste Contest, please submit your water in a one quart glass container. The container is to have a label listing the name of the utility furnishing the water sample and the name of the utility representative.   Your sample can be chilled until arrival, but once turned in at registration, your sample will be kept at room temperature to help the judges better assess the sample. The panel of local celebrity judges will be then judging your water based on color (clarity), odor, and taste in a blind taste test.  Section winners who have incurred any state or federal drinking water violations (MCL, monitoring, recordkeeping, etc.) during the previous 12 months are not eligible to compete.

The winner of our contest will be invited to compete in the 23rd Annual Water Taste Contest held at the Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association (ISAWWA) WATERCON in Springfield in March 2020, for the chance to gain statewide recognition; as well as a plaque and plenty of publicity recognizing your dedication to excellence in water production.  The winner of the 2020 ISAWWA Water Taste Contest will be invited to compete next year at the ACE20 Water Taste Contest.

As we in the water industry know, publicity is a key to our success, and positive publicity can be hard to come by.  Why not take advantage of this opportunity and submit a sample of your water to our 23rd Annual WSWPA Water Taste Contest.

Contact: Tracy Hall 847-582-9201, email: tracy@clcjawa.com if you will be submitting a sample of your water or have any questions.



Robert Madura